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If you are a Gentleman who deserve and appreciate a faithful, and a honest woman... Please email me at [email protected] care Brunet Why are there so many men that want to date / are interested in VI/ Blind girls? I am a cute 35 y/o VI girl in iowa and am just now considering dating again, i lost 80%ish of my vision 4 years ago, so i am totally new to this. kristine Hi my name is David I live in the uk, I have not found any sites for blind, that is a shame, I am a male 46 and I am looking for a nice lady 30 40 for long tirm relationship, I think we nead a site of our own.

contact me email [email protected] is [email protected] thanks David I myself have been looking for such a site but as with most on this topic have not found any...

Are there any on-line dating sites for blind singles who want to meet sighted singles and vice versa? Juls There are currently 40 replies Sort Replies Oldest to Newest Hi, this message is to the man named Robert who contacted me at [email protected]

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I don't care whether he is sighted or blind, but since I myself am a busy professional, I would like to find a man who loves his work as much as I do mine.

I live in Wisconsin, and I am finding it very difficult to find anyone who is open minded enough to want to date someone in my position.

I am a 37 year old caucasian woman who just wants the same thing everybody else does.

I live in NY & I'm looking for a vision impaired male in the NYC area in their mid to late 40's.

I am also interested in any online dating service for the blind & vision impaired that's free of charge.

[email protected](sorry about the above, I wasn't sure how to do links) I recently joined Enable Dating, it technically isn't free but you can send messages and view profiles free, and only have to pay if you want to read responses to your messages.