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05-Jul-2018 21:44

But I DO want to let a specific user know my email so that we can chat privately elsewhere.

I cannot let him know my email without publicly posting it in some way, because chatrooms are never private.

Need some help getting up to speed with how our chat system works? All you have to do is type the first few letters of their name (at least 2), and you should see a suggestion in the box. Next up, it should be noted real quick that images linked must be from reliable hosting sites such as imgur or deviant art, or they will not show up, for you safety.

A quite useful feature in Sleepychat is the ability for the chatbar to recognize usernames when you type them, and auto-complete the name for you.

-- Contacting him would be the ONLY way out because what would others say if I started an off-topic dispute right in the comments telling him to stop that? When Meta Stack Overflow replaced User Voice, the number of feature-requests exploded: However, there is some value in being able to communicate with other users outside the context of a specific question or answer.

This point was conceded with the implementation of a chat system: users on every Stack Exchange site can create and participate in chat rooms, integrated with the normal user accounts.

This would allow messages to be sent to specific users, while at the same time keeping the messages public.

In order to curb harassment and spamming, only users with a certain amount of reputation could be given the ability to make wall posts (for example, 500 rep).

I would love to have this for two reasons: (1) I like to thank people for their contributions and sometimes my comments left behind don't get seen.

" A: "SE believes in open communication and therefore it is not in our plans to introduce private messaging (etc etc)."Okay, that's convincing (non-feature buttons are bad, alright). " clickable info line somewhere at the spot where that non-existing button expectedly might be. I disagree with most of the reasons why not to implement this.

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