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the group's management made a fb statement denying it (of course), but the rumor here seems to be that it's a sure thing.") edit: someone over at onehallyu translated the instiz post as well, her translations are slightly different - 2 members of Mamamoo are dating, 1 member of BTS is dating. - IOI, DIA, WJSN, Gugudan have some problems between their companies and members.

There's 1 member who's bitchy, no comment - Someone (1 person) who's treated very well and is center-level in IOI is sidelined in her own group (not made the center always) and is complaining about it - AOA members are in a discord.

인성좋고 호감인 연옌: 방탄,전효성,정채연,고아라,부산행정유미,강동원,유주엄지, 서강준,ㄱㅅㄹ제외 아역배우들,푼수현,이해인 등 Celebrities with nice and likable personalities: BTS, Jeon Hyosung, Jung Chaeyeon, Go Ara, Train to Busan’s Jung Yumi, Kang Dongwon, Yuju & Umji, Seo Kangjoon, excluding (initials) K. 여자친구는 신인같지가않다캄 한명이 물흐리고 유주랑 엄지는착함 In GFriend, one member doesn’t act like a rookie (bad attitude? 아이오아이 다이아 우주소녀 구구단 문제로 회사간, 멤버간 마찰있음 물흐리는 멤버1명있는데 노코멘트 I. I., DIA, WJSN, Gugudan’s problem is friction in company and members. ioi에선 센터급으로 잘해주는데 자기그룹가면 쩌리라고 투정대는 찡찡이 1명있다고 함 There is a person who, in I. I., does well in the center class, but in own group complains about 쩌리(? 시크릿 송지은,징거vs한선화 결국 적자라고 함 Secret Song Jieun, Zinger vs. 이휘재 별로 유아인도 별로 Lee Hwi Jae not really, Yoo Ah In too not really.

양현석이 sm에 열등감이 있다고 함 이수만이 회장님이라 불리니 자기 별명인 양싸를 못 부르게 함 Yang Hyun Suk has a sense of inferiority towards SM.

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Within Twice, taking into account the short period of time, still undividedly kind. 남주혁 이성경도 좀 그렇다캄 Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Sung Kyung too are a bit like that. 아이린은 소극적이라함 방송보이는 그대론듯 Irene is as passive as she appears on broadcasts. 이병헌 여자많음 지창욱 작품마다 여배우랑 사귄다고 함80%는 Lee Byunghun has a lot of women, Ji Chang Wook is said to date co-actresses 80% of time in every piece of work.Reporters are not sure whether Ga In and Joo Ji Hoon have broken up or not or if one of them cheated, anyways, it is ambiguous.

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